Busk 2: Leicester

Date: 28 January 2018
Supporting: Leicester Royal Infirmary’s neonatal unit (Leicester Hospitals Charity)


With accompaniment from a pneumatic drill, beautiful blue skies and sunshine busk number two was completed in Leicester city centre.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I was born eleven weeks premature at Leicester Royal Infirmary, so the neonatal unit was an obvious choice to fundraise for.

A photographer from the Leicester Mercury also came to take photos and a video, so I’ll be keeping an eye out to see where those end up.

In total £70.87 was raised in just an hour – thank you people of Leicester.

If you missed me today, I’ll be in Market Harborough on 14 April and Queens Road, Leicester on 28 July. Keep up to date by following my busking diary. 


Fundraising flautist on BBC Radio Leicester

This week has been an exciting week for the project, receiving licences from various councils giving me permission me to do several busks (check out my busking diary for details). However, the highlight was appearing on BBC Radio Leicester this morning.

When I was in Sidmouth, it was amazing how many people said “I saw you in the paper“, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to talk with Emma Boydell on BBC Radio Leicester this morning before my second busk next week. You can listen online from 2:40:18, including a cheeky rendition of ‘Danny Boy’. I challenged Leicester to see if they could beat the £150 target set by the Sidmouth community and also challenge you to take action on your own dream. The podcast that I mentioned was the Why Not Now? podcast by Amy-Jo Martin.

BBC Radio Leciester-1

My next busk is near to the Clock Tower in Leicester, 28 January, between 11am and 12noon, where I am raising money for Leicester Royal Infirmary’s neonatal unit. I was born eleven weeks premature with my twin Jenny and I wouldn’t be here today without their care and expertise.

Nicola NNU


Busk 1: Sidmouth

Date: 30 December 2017
Supporting: Sidmouth Lifeboat – Sidmouth, Devon

B1 Dec2017 Sidmouth busk (3)Sidmouth has always held many fond memories for me having gone on holiday there many times when I was a child. Although I had planned to start my busking challenge in 2018 I had the opportunity to go to Sidmouth in December 2017 and thought I would start it early.

I chose to support Sidmouth Lifeboat – a self-funded, independent lifeboat station, which does not belong to the RNLI. It is on service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with everyone involved being volunteers. They put their lives at risk to save others.

What is great about busking, aside from the making music and raising money for charity, is the people you meet. This time it included a lady with a giant poodle mix breed dog who said that her favourite thing about the dog was how it made everyone smile. There was a toddler who just wanted to dance to the music. And there were the people who donated and only after asked what I was collecting for.

I was delighted to raise over £150 for Sidmouth Lifeboat. I was lucky to be interviewed for a piece in the Sidmouth Herald, the local paper, and lots of people recognised me from that. If you would like to support Sidmouth Lifeboat’s work, then visit their website to donate.