I was listening to an interview on a podcast, where the interviewee was talking about how she helped her local community. She urged people to think about the little things you could do now. This started me thinking. I’ve played the flute for over 20 years and busked in th12310020_10206512002510765_3872139788706303297_oe past. I enjoy sharing my music and people seem to like hearing me! So I decided to set a challenge where I would busk in a different place each month in 2018.

The locations are all places that I have a connection to. I wanted my busking to have an impact locally, so the causes are either community organisations doing great work or organisations who are important to a person I know who lives in the area.

I have an LTCL flute performance diploma with distinction.

Thank you to Mark Adams for many of the wonderful photos of me flute playing and to my team of bucket shakers for supporting me at my busks across the country.