Blog 12: Crewe

I was invited to Crewe by my cousin and her two beautiful daughters who live in the area, to raise money for the NSPCC, for a Sunday afternoon busk.

Sometimes in busks you need some kindness and some good luck and in this busk we got both, raising around £90. One new experience was a man with a puppy standing near to where I was performing. It was identical to an Andrex puppy. If you ever want attention then get a puppy! It certainly gave me a smile.

I also got a donation from a gentleman who said “from one musician to another”. I also try and take this approach when I see buskers or musicians – you’ve got to show them some love!

We celebrated another successful busk with hot chocolate, coffee and cake, before heading back down the A50.

We’re around £1400 total so hoping to get to £1500 in October, when we go back to my university town, Durham. I’m looking forward to going back to my second home – not only to raise money for the Samaritans of Central Durham but to return to the cathedral, Durham’s many cafes, and its beautiful scenery.

1 thought on “Blog 12: Crewe”

  1. You both attracted plenty of attention in Crewe, you did so well, very proud of you and you amazing flute playing! It gives me great satisfaction that you raised so much money in little time, for the NSPCC. So many children suffer cruelty and neglect is the most common type of abuse. This is something I can’t comprehend, and people don’t realise how much it goes on. So this meant a lot for you to donate to them. Thanks to such a lovely couple Nicola and Mark!

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