Cats, Christmas and a lot of books

Fundraising challenge news is like buses – they all come at once!

Here are a few updates from fundraising HQ.

Cats are cute

I visited Leicester Animal Aid recently – I’ll be busking for them in November and was excited to see the good work they do in person. Who could resist an opportunity to see some cute critters? Although the busk isn’t until November, I’ve set up a JustGiving page as some people wanted to donate online to help.

We’ve got a full house

No, not of cats, however tempting that was after visiting Leicester Animal Aid, but of busks. The December busk has now been confirmed – come and say hello at Woodlands Garden Centre, Stapleton, when I complete my busking challenge, raising money for Marie Curie. It’s on 22 December between 11.00am and 12.30pm, with Christmas carols aplenty. They also have a cafe with great scones!

Books and busking retakes

It’s great to see how the busking funding has been used. You might remember that I tried to busk in Seahouses on 31 March but the English weather prevented me doing so. We still managed to give the Seahouses Development Trust £150 and they have shared with me how they have spent it: “We have chosen three books of local interest, that will stay in the library for people to look at when visiting, a couple of books by a local author – Sebastian Swan (David Mattches) and a variety of thrillers and summer reading books.  We are awaiting delivery of three new releases, which should be with us this month and still have a small amount of money, which we will spend as soon as possible.”


I am also pleased to be heading back on 23 June to redo my Seahouses busk.

Fundraising on track

Thanks to you, I have now given over £725 to charity – we’re looking on target to reach the £1,000 I’d hope to reach by the end of the year.



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Northern notes


It’s great to be in Seahouses before my most northerly busk on Saturday. The shopkeepers have been kindly putting up my posters in the windows and I hope to visit the Seahouses Development Trust, the charity I am raising for, in the next few days.

My partner has been a fantastic support on this flute playing journey – most notably, shaking fundraising buckets and taking photos. We took advantage of a sunny day, the beautiful scenery of Bamburgh beach and the drone to take some photos and a video. It was a beautiful experience, playing with the sun warming my face, the relaxing sounds of the waves and a castle in the background. I decided to play to a little bird asleep on a rock – it seemed to enjoy Brian Boru’s March!