Fundraising flautist on BBC Radio Leicester

This week has been an exciting week for the project, receiving licences from various councils giving me permission me to do several busks (check out my busking diary for details). However, the highlight was appearing on BBC Radio Leicester this morning.

When I was in Sidmouth, it was amazing how many people said “I saw you in the paper“, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to talk with Emma Boydell on BBC Radio Leicester this morning before my second busk next week. You can listen online from 2:40:18, including a cheeky rendition of ‘Danny Boy’. I challenged Leicester to see if they could beat the £150 target set by the Sidmouth community and also challenge you to take action on your own dream. The podcast that I mentioned was the Why Not Now? podcast by Amy-Jo Martin.

BBC Radio Leciester-1

My next busk is near to the Clock Tower in Leicester, 28 January, between 11am and 12noon, where I am raising money for Leicester Royal Infirmary’s neonatal unit. I was born eleven weeks premature with my twin Jenny and I wouldn’t be here today without their care and expertise.

Nicola NNU

1 thought on “Fundraising flautist on BBC Radio Leicester”

  1. So, so proud of you Nicola, for your fantastic idea and its execution, well done indeed. Your interview was wonderful to listen to, informative, well choreographed, fun and, even if I had now known you, I would have wanted to see and hear you in action. I am sure it will have provoked much interest and if we were not in Shropshire on Saturday I would have been tempted into the Clock Tower area for a bit of musical fun.
    Much love and well done again!


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