Busk 6: Market Bosworth

The Friday before my busk I got a call from BBC Radio Leicester who wanted to hear how I was getting on. On the Saturday I was on a flute course, so huddled in a practice room talking to the lovely presenter, Emma. It’s been great to have their support since I visited them in person in January.

After a thunderstorm overnight I woke up nervous as to how to this busk would go. However, I need not have worried as by the time I was driving across the county to Market Bosworth the sun was shining. Infact, it was the only busk so far where I have got sunburnt.

This time the busk was at a farmers’ market – great to see lots of people milling around from the beginning. I was doing two one-hour stints, with a break in between – the longest busk to date. I had some fun conversations with people – someone wished they lived next door to me to hear me play (they might regret saying that if they ever hear my piccolo practice), someone else was going on a birthday lunch so I started to serenade them with ‘Happy Birthday’ and one of the traders requested ‘Annie’s Song’. The break was welcomed and my partner and happily munched through hot dogs in the sunshine.

We were raising money for Cardiomyopathy UK: my neighbour’s nephew suffers from the condition. He had already ran the London Marathon and I was looking forward to topping up his efforts. We raised £170 so means I am hoping to break my original £1,000 target in Cheltenham next weekend on 2 June. You can also donate directly to my neighbour’s Virgin Money Giving page.


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