Busk 7: Cheltenham

Only six days separated the Market Bosworth and Cheltenham busks and the sunshine followed too. This time I was raising money for Leckhampton Court Hospice in memory of a friend’s mother who died last year. Such worthy causes make the travel across the country worth it.

A volunteer from the Hospice stopped by during the busk and kindly took some photos of me which he emailed to me later that day – thank you John!

The best bit about Cheltenham was that we raised just over £93 meaning that since the start of the challenge over £1000 has been donated to charity. This was my original target for the year – infact, to start off with I didn’t even have a target! So let’s see how much we can raise by December.

The kind folks at Cardiomyopathy UK also sent me a thank you certificate, mug and pin badge. There are lots of good people in the world.

cardio gifts

Later on in the month I am back to Seahouses – where I had to cancel my March busk, followed by a few weeks off before returning to Leicester for the next one.



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