Busk 8: Every cloud has a silver lining

It was a treat to have a mini break to Seahouses to do my busk in Northumberland for the second time. This time there was glorious sunshine, with a light sea breeze, and plenty of people – perfect for a mid morning busk.

As well as the sunshine, I had treated myself to some new music. I have to admit that Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ was amongst the renditions, but I drew the line at playing some Taylor Swift. This was balanced out by my book of 50 well known classical pieces. I did also get asked to play like Jethro Tull – luckily the balance part of the zumba class that I go too prepared me for standing on one leg.

We were raising money for the Seahouses Development Trust – so they could buy some new books for their library. They tend to get the leftovers or not be able to restock as much as they would like. We got just over £42, which means we have been able to give £190 in total towards their new reading material.

A few weeks’ rest before returning to local fundraising in Leicester.

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