Busk 9: Queens Road, Leicester

I woke up on the day of the busk to a bittersweet noise. Rain. Lots of rain! On one hand this was a beautiful noise – it had been so hot for the last few weeks. I also knew that rain is not good for busking.

Luckily, the weather gods were on my side and the rain stopped just as quickly as it had started! This busk was a local busk – I’d lived nearby a few years ago and I did a quick walk by my previous house, just like old times. A local deli had said that I could busk outside and had also been helping to promote the busk – great to get support like that.

A representative of the Wild Honey charity also came along to meet me and explain the good work that they do. It’s always nice to get to know people in the charities I am helping – especially as it had such a local impact.

One feature of Queens Road in Leicester is that it has several cafes with outdoor seating. This meant that although it was early in the morning, people heard me whilst they were nursing a cup of coffee and then came over. One poor lady came over at 11.29 to say that she’d come to listen to me – alas, I was finishing at 11.30. She hadn’t realised the time. She appreciated the one song she got to hear. (I have to get a street permit which allows me to busk and collect money for a specific period of time).

We raised just over £72 – more than I thought – which takes us to over £1100 in total.

To celebrate I also ordered some purple Fundraising Flautist tops/hoodies – as if the flute music wasn’t easy enough to identify. I can’t wait for them to arrive.

Next stop is Bristol on the August bank holiday weekend where I will be raising money to support Help Bristol’s Homeless.

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