Busk 12 ish: Cats, cake and Christmas carols

November’s busk was a bit of a luxury: within my home, surrounded by my friends and family, tea and cake, and without any worries about the weather or getting to the venue on time.

This busk was also a first as I used Facebook Live to broadcast my busk to the outer world. At least one person watched (and even commented!) I have to say that the technology aspect was quite confusing but Mark’s technological expertise meant I soon had my phone connected to Facebook Live both literally and metaphorically through his tripod.

The audience were very appreciative! They abandoned the tea and cake in the kitchen to come and listen, and readily applauded from time to time. They requested Christmas songs, hummed along to Broadway tunes, and were genuinely glad they were there. What more could you want?

We were raising money for Leicester Animal Aid. I visited them in May to meet them (see title image) and I am proud to announce that we raised over £300 for them during this busk: the most successful busk of the year to date. Recently I have welcomed a cat into my life: Smudge. Although she was not from Leicester Animal Aid, she was a rescued cat and she brings much joy into my day. I am hoping that our fundraising will help other cats find their ‘forever home’.


It also gives me optimism that I can reach £2000 in December’s busk as I need under £150 to reach that figure. As it is the 22 December I am hoping that people will have Christmas cheer and goodwill! Then that is it!

1 thought on “Busk 12 ish: Cats, cake and Christmas carols”

  1. Well done Nichola this is your friend Natasha’s Nan wish I could have seen you my niece Clara is a professional flautist in London. So lovely to read your write up in the Leicester Mercury. Brenda harris


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