Fundraising flautist’s festive finale

We’ve made it – the end of the challenge!

Coming into the final busk I was confident that with Christmas approaching and needing just £70 to get up to £2000 that we could reach the extended target. December’s busk was on a beautiful sunny day and we were perfectly placed just past the tills of a very big garden centre. Customers were so generous – we raised over £270 for Marie Curie – one of our biggest totals yet which sky-rocketed us to raising £2200 across the year.

Thanks to my busking buddies who faithfully came with me to every busk, up and down the country, in all weathers. They kept me motivated, made me laugh and contributed to the success of each busk, whether shaking a bucket, creating signs for A-boards or taking photos. Our furthest points have been Durham (north), Sidmouth (south and west), and Histon (east).

Many people have asked what I am doing next. 2019 will be a year off from a flute fundraising challenge although there are many things I want to do for fun. I’m creating a 19 for 2019 list – inspired from the Happier podcast.  I want to read books from authors of all 12 South American countries. I want to go to a clubbercise class. I want to dust off my bike and become confident on it again. And lots more that I have not thought of yet.

Thank you for following and I hope it has inspired you to take action to do something in 2019. This challenge just started with a thought. I had no idea how it would work but I took the first steps and this is what it blossomed into.

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